The Story Behind the Name

As a child, Keal was told that he was unfortunately allergic to man’s best friend; that his dream of having a dog would simply never be a possibility. Upon learning that this allergy actually didn’t exist, Keal was able to adopt his first dog- a German Shepherd named Peach who strikingly resembles a wolf.  In that, he had fulfilled one of his childhood dreams.

Throughout college, it had been a dream for both Keal and Dustin to own a business and achieve success through that medium. Here they are today- sitting in their own office and working for themselves!

Loba means wolf in Spanish. It has become our metaphor here at Loba that your dreams can be achieved no matter how simple or complex they are. Just like bringing home your first pup or building a business. We exist to serve the dreams of the leaders and innovators of tomorrow…