100 Years of History
& 1 New Look for the University

We were charged with coming up with a word mark and logo to create one unified brand for Salem University. Our team is very happy with the result.

New Colors

Winter Tiger

The green, dark/light gray and snow white tones are inspired by the camouflage the protects large winter tigers in colder climates. This specific animal pattern has been used by militaries in subzero environments to help keep troops hidden. This palette fits the seasons of West Virginia and provides a one of a kind mascot color combo for the Salem Tigers.

The volt yellow is used sparingly to draw attention to seasonal campaigns and team gear. It’s meant to be fun, and you can see it by hovering over the colors to the right.

Kelly Green


Night Gray


Cool Gray


Snow White


New Typography

S Paw

This is the S Paw that represented the athletic department. The common perception was that this was a combination of the popular Clemson and Michigan State emblems. 

S Claw

We transformed this logo 1 degree to maintain brand equity while making it 100% unique and still recognizable to the Salem athletic department. 

Old Tiger

This is the symbol that represented the athletic department. We  looked up the more than 60 professional and collegiate brands using a tiger mascot. 

New Tiger

We recognized they were the only tigers in the United States with the color green. This is what inspired the “Winter Tiger” making their mascot and symbol set apart of the other 60+ teams.

Old Mark

The administration wanted a fresh look and something that  incorporated the university’s athletic brand. 

New Mark

The collegiate typeface and S-Claw make the logo instantly recognizable through the athletic brand, while also simply sharing the university’s name. 


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