Strap your goggles on, put your headphones in, and buckle up!

Virtual reality is here, and here to stay. If you have not thought about how this will impact your business…think again.

How will this technology influence the future of your industry?

Last month, Sara and I went to Pandora, The World of Avatar, and rode the new Flight of Passage attraction. We love Disney, however I have designated myself a theme park ride critic and hold high expectations. I left with goosebumps! If we didn’t see the other riders next to us, we may have lost perception of what was reality after experiencing the 8k screen, the immersive audio, the salty ocean mist, the dynamic smells, and the simulated breathing movements of the Banshee we were riding.

Which brand will use this tech next to make a splash in the marketplace?

The point is, the door has opened and the possibilities are endless with today’s advanced resources. It’s a new age of incredibly memorable and immersive experiences. This level of VR is still a little cost prohibitive for individuals, however, it can be a cost saver for companies. The cost and the size of the equipment are both shrinking. The spend is small compared to the budget companies spend on trade shows, travel, and showrooms.

A colleague of mine recently flew to a conference and walked into the showroom to find almost every activation had some sort of VR experience. What if he could have engaged in the whole event through VR from home? That is not that far away, if not already happening in some capacity.

Now that people know what new technology is available, they have a new behavioral benchmark for their experience. It doesn’t matter if you sell main frame computers or toilet flappers, the expectation levels have changed.

How can you set yourself apart with virtual reality?

Imagine transporting your prospects and clients to worlds and environments that you control. Let’s tap into their senses and deliver incredible sights, smells and sounds. It is not too late to get started in this space and try something new. There are six companies we are watching that are already doing this today. We would love to partner with a brand, maybe you and some of these groups to create a unique activation that has never been done before.

Here are some fun examples:

Visit Space

I’d love to eat skittles and float around the galaxy at a U2 concert… “It’s alright in the Milky Way”. Maybe with Space VR and Manu VR this is not too far away.

Test Drives

Yes, of course I want to test drive my new Yacht in the seven seas before I buy it! With Talon Simulations this is now possible.

Adventure Awaits 

Let’s explore a remote destination in some new hiking boots and listen to isolated sounds of the wildlife. Make it happen with Archipelagoent and Hardlight VR.

Digital 5k Runs

Break in your new Nike shoes with a late night run with some friends or competitors around the world. Not feeling motivated… turn on zombie mode to run and shoot your way out with Virtuix .

Companies Mentioned & Contacts
Ryan Holmes, Founder & CEO
Brandon Naids, Co-Founder & CEO
Brian Shenefelt, Co-Founder & COO
Jan Goetgulek, CEO
Stephan van de0ner & CEO
Morgan Sinko, CEO

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