5 Reasons why we love our Whiteboard Walls

Flashback to when you were a kid- Did you ever write on the walls with a sharpie? Your mom’s favorite red lipstick? Your older sibling’s expensive paint? Us too.

We’ve been told our entire lives, “Don’t write on the walls.”

But not anymore, here at Loba Creative we are able to succeed and strive in our business by simply…

Writing On the Wall

If you’re thinking about painting your desk, office, or any wall with this cool and innovative paint, DO IT.

You won’t regret it. Or if we haven’t convinced you quite yet, keep reading.

  1. Interactive Brainstorming

Anyone and everyone that comes into our office can just grab an Expo Marker and express their feelings, ideas, or whatever seems appropriate, on the walls for everyone to see and feed off of. Stick figures are acceptable people. Once an idea is written, anyone is welcome to add on or erase, which keeps the creative juices following all day long.

  1. Collaboration

Unlike us, the walls are never moving. This makes for easy collaboration since everyone has different projects and tasks to get done in our eight-hour day. Timing is unpredictable, so having a stationary white board wall, all day long, is a huge advantage when it comes to people adding on ideas with collaborative efforts.

  1. More Engaged Meetings

We try to do everything we can to make meetings fun and exciting for incoming clients, and our whiteboard wall has done just that. During meetings, our team isn’t looking down at pen and paper writing their own notes and thinking “when will this be over,” but instead our team is engaged and involved in conversation. At the end of a meeting, a picture of the wall is sent to the team before it is erased and ready for a new idea.

  1. Color

Our white board wall brings color and creativity to our office. We don’t get tired of staring at the same blank conference room wall every day. Some days, we might have one or two ideas on the wall, while other days every square inch of the conference room wall is covered in bright marker. No one likes a dull office, right?

  1. Clients Love Them

At least once a day, a client or visitor seems shocked that we are about to write on the walls of our office. Our clients love that we are able to create a visual of our ideas and timelines, instead of just verbalizing them. We can easily draw a graph, timeline, or diagram, making sure that the client is always in the loop and knows our exact plan, and how we are going to execute it.

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This article was a collaboration of our team members. Yes, we used our whiteboard wall. : )

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